Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid

Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid is available in three different colors. Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid Blue Childrens 3D Backpack Mermaid Purple. and Children’s 3D Backpack Mermaid Green

Every stitch knows its exact location. Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid.

They are made from neoprene in full, with the rear part fitted with a softening and breathing AirMax system.

Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid, also has nice straps that can be adjusted.

Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid, has one large main compartment, enough to fit the basic things about the child.

Children’s 3D backpack Mermaid, it also has an internal division, which allows you to separate some important items for the child. In this way, you can begin to teach your children how to organize their belongings. To be arranged and prepared. Small children try to imitate their closest people. Mother, dad, cake or brat. You know that bags and rucksacks are a daily accessory, so it is better than small children to be prepared. In our backpacks, the most important thing is that they are protected from water and wetting. Outside, inside out. Can be combined with the little sister Children’s 3D Shoulder Bag Little Mermaid Purple and Children’s 3D Shoulder Bag Little Mermaid Green

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