Breathing back backpack

Детска 3D раница с родителски контрол Зайче

Backpack with breathable back.

Children’s 3D backpacks are made of extremely high quality materials! They are lightweight backpacks and are anatomically shaped so that the load is effectively distributed over the child’s shoulders. Thus, NoHoo’s lightweight backpack is comfortable to wear even for young children. Lightweight backpacks are especially suited for children visiting a nursery or kindergarten.

Cheerful shapes and pleasant colors make backpacks desirable for kids and they are happy to use them when they have to go to a nursery, kindergarten or school.

  • Backpacks from safe materials
  • Backpacks with ergonomic straps
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  • Backpacks with breathable back
  • Lightweight backpacks
  • Backpacks with cheerful design
  • Backpack Mermaid 
  • Backpack buterfly
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